Fog Light Pictures and notes
My Camry LE first thing get some Fog Lights

Fog Light Pictures and notes

Pictures of Parts Fog Lights
These pictures are just my experience of putting Fog Lights on my 2007 Camry LE.  I used Toyota Parts from Dealer and they sure help the looks of the car.  I have yet to hook up the electric to the lights as I am not sure to go with PIAA Xtreme White or with HID.

Fog Light and Cover loose fit on car

Fog Light and Cover

Right and Left Fog Light Cover

Back of Cover Just snaps on. To get the orginal unhooked the small end and just pulled out gently

Toyota Fog Light the Cover gives horizontal beam.

Toyota Fog light

Back view one side of these ears that stick out slide right into the notches on picture AA On the bottom left is the adjuster screw to align light up or down as I understand

Side View

Both Lights Right and Left

Both Lights Right and Left

Housing in Bumper Assembly, Fog Light ears on one side just slide into the slots on the angle piece

Another view of slots without Fog Light Cover in place

Ears on light slide into slots, Fog Light Cover not in place so we can see how the light mounts

This is what I call the stub that the other side of the Fog Light Fastens to with a screw, I ordered mine from Toyota as these things can break easy with to big screw or the wrong thread, ect

Another View of the Stub that the screw fastens to, note Fog Light cover not installed to show how I mounted my lights

Close up of Stub

Light being positioned on stub to align with one of the ears of the light. Note on mine only one stub and one screw the other ear on this side is not fastened

Stub Close up

Light Ear on Stub. Ear is counter sunk to fit on stub

Just Fog Light Housing checking fit

Housing and Fog Light checking fit Thats it no more pictures