My Camry LE first thing get some Fog Lights
My Camry LE first thing get some Fog Lights

Fog Light Pictures and notes

Welcome To My Home Page
This is my place and my Camry"s place.  We will relate what is going on with our comming together thanks to Toyota.  For a few reasons we got together My Camry and me.  One was I was tired of working on my car eating up my time and money.  I was the pits to find a mechanic that would work on my older car.  Work on it and fix it that is.  Put a Jasper Rebuilt Engine in the old car Fall of 2005 and has seen few miles on the road.  The Installer of Engine broke the EGR system when installing engine and that cost more money when I took it for warranty work at Jasper Engines.  Still the Engine is not fixed sounds like a farm tractor, no power and motor gets hot when ac is on.  It is not the fault of my older car that I and my Camry got together its just that I am unable to fix the older car and mechanics rip me off.
Fog Lights for my 2007 LE Camry
I have been looking for Fog Lights to put on Camry for the past few months and have found out that the fog lights for 2007 Camry SE and XLE will mount right on to the Front Bumper Assembly  I live in the country and the new Projection Low Beam light is not very good.  We have deer and other animals along the road and these PL just do not light up the side of the road can not even read road signs, or see anything just ahead of the spot beam on the road.  I need more light My Camry needs more light. Or better light.
This is the Fog Light for the 2007 Camry SE or XLE that is setting in the opening of my 2007 LE Camry easy mounting.

RH Fog Light and Fog light Cover